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Hoteles de la Montaña. Probably the most enchanted place in Costa Rica. The haunted castle bed and breakfast in the central mountains of Costa Rica and close to Cartago and the Orosi Valley.  Is a Renaissance castle circa 1590.  Enjoy cozy, warm rooms while you enjoy the cloud forests and Costa Rican nature of this region.  We have a swimming pool for children 5 and under.
At La Corona de los Santos, Costa Rican bed and breakfast, boutique hotel, you have mountain views from both sides.  This is the only place in Costa Rica you can view five volcanoes, Volcano Irazu, Turrialba, Barva and Poas at the same time.
Our personalized Costa Rican coffee tours in the region of Zona de los Santos, San Marcos de Tarrazu, Santa Maria de Dota, takes you into the fields with the workers and later to the cooperative where the coffee is processed.  It truely is the best coffee in the world.
The most comfortable and elegant rooms in the region.
Take a break from the hot Playa Dominical, Golfito, Corocovado National Park and Playa Uvita beaches a couple of days.  Just off the Inter Americana highway, or Interamerican highway, enjoy our fresh, cool Costa Rica mountain hotel in the cloud forest, home of the Resplendant Quetzal, in the area of Los Santos, San Gerardo, and Los Quetzales national park, perfect for hiking, yoga and exercise.
Enjoy our botanical gardens filled with many flowers, butterfly gardens and hummingbird gardens that are common in the Talamanca mountain range.  La Corona de los Santos mountain resort is the perfect location for Costa Rican bird watching or Costa Rica mountain bike.
A children's pool, aka kiddie pool, or fountain graces our terrace with views of the Los Santos Valley for your day trip from San Jose.
The perfect rest stop for Costa Rica mountain biking, better than Orosi Valley.  The spiritual central Costa Rica mountain ranges of Los Santos, close to Cerro de la Muerte Costa Rica
Costa Rica accommodations in the mountains among coffee fields, nature, Costa Rican cloud forests.  Near Manuel Antonio Quepos beaches, Dominical, Playa Uvita beaches
Location Map
Map of Castle La Corona de los Santos, just off the Interamerica highway in Costa Rica and near San Marcos de Tarrazu.  New paved mountain road with spectacular views from Quepos Manuel Antonio Costa Rican beaches.  Perfect for 1 or 2 day stop over from or to San Jose aiport and the beaches of Dominical, Uvita, Corcovado, Puerto Jiminez, Golfito and Panama.  Not to mention only 40 minutes from Cartago and Orosi Valley.
Castle La Corona is easy to get to, just off the InterAmerica Highway in the valley of Los Santos. (Click on map to enlarge.)   

Your Hosts
The owners and your hosts, composer James Nathaniel Holland, classical music Costa Rica, and hair stylist Roy Gamboa, to castle La Corona de los Santos in Santa Cruz de Leon Cortes near Maria de Dota, just off the Pan American Highway or inter american highway.
Roy Gamboa (right) and music composer, James Nathaniel Holland (left) welcome you for a beautiful visit to the Costa Rican central mountains.  

Photos and Videos
La Corona de los Santos.  Hotel in Zona de los Santos is near Maria de Dota, El Empalme, San Gerarado and Cerro de la Muerte. Much grander and spectacular mountain views than the Orosi Valley.

Video of La Corona de los Santos bed and breakfast in Costa Rica. Coffee tours, day trips to the beach tours, rafting and canopy and more, all off the Pan American Highway.
Enjoy this video of our enchanted castle in the clouds.  Click here.

Traditional Costa Rican dancing, entertainment available in rural tourism of Costa Rica.
A sample of the cultural events one can enjoy during their stay.  Click here.

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Other Services We Provide Are:

Costa Rica Vacation Packages Starting from only $699USD for two persons!   All inclusive packages! Pick from our list of fun activities and let us design a personal 3 or 4-day, 1 or 2 week Costa Rican vacation package of all the activities we have to offer at our castle. Just for you! (Click here for more information)

Spanish Classes, Cultural and Immersion Retreat Affordable beginner and intermediate Spanish lessons that go at your own pace. Discounts for multiple hours.

Zona de los Santos Real Estate We have many contacts in the area and speak English and Spanish to find the land or home that fits you. Los Santos Valley is still one of Costa Rica's most unspoiled, affordable and tranquil places to retire. Find a great sense of community.

Costa Rica Country Relocation and New Arrival Assistance Consulting Services Moving to a new, unfamiliar country is daunting. Contract us to help you get situated and adjust.

Coordinator and Translation Resource for International Companies who want to do Business in Costa Rica

Buy Los Santos Valley coffee, fresh fruits and vegetables Buy bags of locally grown apples, avocados, peaches, duraznos, plums, oranges, varieties of passion fruit, lemons, limes, and other citrus.

Quiet Retreat for Acoustic Musicians Come to prepare for a concert or to record, a quiet place to concentrate. Piano for rent. Accompanist available. Contract live music for hire, or music recital venue, concert venue

Study Retreat for Piano and Music Composition Study classical music composition, opera composition, and orchestration with American composer James Nathaniel Holland.

Nursery (Vivero) of unique Herbs and Flowers Buy plants of Thyme, Rosemary, Tarragon, Oregano, and sages of all varieties, green tea.

Renaissance Garden Design We design gardens for your space.

Bienvenidos a Castillo La Corona de los Santos en las montanas de Costa Rica
Castle La Corona de los Santos, Costa Rica

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Make your reservation in the Costa Rica mountains for our high season before we sell out! For the moment, the best way to check availability and make your reservation through Airbnb.


Stay in Costa Rica's only Renaissance mountain castle!    Sitting on the top of a grand vista, the enchanting "The Crown of the Valley of the Saints" is a castle in the clouds that faces four volcanoes of Costa Rica (Irazu, Turrialba, Barva and Poas). The romantic house is built in the early French Renaissance style and is the visitor's cozy, warm setting while experiencing the natural beauty and wildlife of the region. We are perfect for a quiet, comfortable night's rest from Corcovado National Park or Costa Rica's southern beaches of Uvita, Dominical, Golfito and Playa Ballena.

Activities and Services

We are a 4 room only private castle and gardens with daily, weekly and monthly rates. (Maximum capacity 11 people)   The rates included a fully equipped guest kitchenette to cook, or if you prefer, we can prepare all meals for you for an extra cost. Other amenities include our large, enclosed grand hall, lower labyrinth butterfly and hummingbird garden, cut and color hair salon, affordable massages by a licensed physical therapist, full or self laundry services available at a fee, and swimming pool for children 5 and under.

Enjoy day tours to sites like the city of Cartago, the Irazu volcano, Manuel Antonio or Dominical Beach. Sign up for group tours of white water Pacuare river rafting and cloud forest canopy ziplines. We provide your access to local cultural events like dances with live music, festivals and bingos, in-the-field coffee tours (December through February), mountain hiking and exercise excursions, meditation, and Spanish intensive language courses.

Stay with us for the night while you visit the popular Coopedota Coffee Factory Tour in Santa Maria de Dota (40 minutes away by car).

Pick-up and Drop-off transportation from the San Jose Airport is available for $150USD each way. Transportation to other locales depend on availability. Please inquire.

(Click here for photos and detailed information about our activities.)

At the castle, there are four spacious bedrooms all with with private bathrooms to enjoy. Or rent the entire castle for up to 11 people. The rates listed here are nightly (breakfast is not included), but we also offer weekly and monthly rates. Please inquire us about group rates (11 people maximum) and/or longer stays.

Every room has access to our guest kitchenette if guests would like to prepare simple meals for themselves, but we also offer prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners made to order upon request.

We offer the following comfortable 'jewels' of an accommodation:

The Entire Castle Just for You! (11 people)
At our Costa Rican bed and breakfast in the mountains, the castle which accommodates 11 people.
Entire castle for $303USD per night   Reserve now with:  Castle La Corona de los Santos on Airbnb   
A castle with spectacular panoramic views, spacious central hall, small swimming pool, 4 ample rooms that can accomodate up to 11 people. All equipped with a private baths with hot water, on suite with fireplace, closets, desk, and limited wireless Internet. Ground floor is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate our older guests. Includes use of our guest kitchenette and our main hall. (11 people max.) Breakfast NOT included.

The Royal Suite (4 people)  
At our Costa Rican bed and breakfast in the mountains, the Royal Suite which accommodates 4 people is available on ground level for senior travelers.
The Royal Suite for $110USD per night   Reserve now with:  Suite in Castle La Corona de los Santos
A spacious, large room on the ground floor with a full poster bed and two sofa beds with mountain views. Equipped with a private bath with hot water, fireplace, closet, desk, and wireless Internet. This room is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate our older guests. Includes use of our guest kitchenette and our main hall. (4 people max.) Breakfast NOT included.

The Sapphire Room (2 people)
At our Costa Rican bed and breakfast in the mountains, the Saphhire Room is available on ground level for senior or disabled travelers.
$80USD per night   Reserve now with:  Sapphire room for 2 people in Castle La Corona de los Santos
A cozy, spacious room on the ground floor with a full bed viewing the mountains and fields behind. Equipped with a private bath with hot water, closet, small desk, local TV and wireless Internet. With extra wide doors, shower with seat and supports in the bathroom. This room is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate our older guests and/or guests with disabilities. Includes use of our guest kitchenette. (2 people max.) Breakfast NOT included.

The Ruby Room (2 people)
The Ruby Room is with private bath and mountain views from the front and back.  Our circular window will make you feel you are truly staying in el castillo Costa Rica.
$80USD per night   Reserve now with:  Ruby room for 2 people in Castle La Corona de los Santos
This upstairs room has a full bed, private bath and plenty of views. Wireless Internet is also accessible in this room. Includes use of our guest kitchenette. (2 people max.) Breakfast NOT included.

The Emerald Suite (3 people)
Our Emerald Suite is perfect mountain hostel room for the small group of 3 guests.  Three twin beds, mountain hotel room with microwave, private bath, small refrigerator, and coffeemaker make this suite comfortable.  Mountain views look out to Turrialba and Irazu volcanoes and the Cerro de la Muerte / Los Santos Valley
Only $90USD per night for 3 people   Reserve now with:  Emerald Suite room for 3 people in Castle La Corona de los Santos
Have the best view from both sides on the upstairs! Three twin beds can be arranged to suit your needs (3 separate beds, 1 queen/1 twin, or 1 king bed). This suite is equipped with closet, small refrigerator, coffee-maker, wireless Internet and microwave. Includes use of our guest kitchenette. (3 people max.) Breakfast NOT included.

Guest kitchenette with room at mountain hotel La Corona de los Santos Costa Rica

Cozy, Informal Dining with Live Piano Music
Romantic dinners and casual dining restaurant with mountain view in San Pablo de Leon Cortes, San Marcos de Tarrazu and Frailes are located.  Take a day trip to our Soda in the mountains in Los Santos near El Empalme, Maria de Dota, San Gerardo, Los Quetzales national park, Cerro de la Muerte, and off the Interamerican highway.  We serves lunches and dinners and provide a place for special events like your weddings, bodas, birthday party, cumpleanos, and private party, fiestas.
Escape to the mountains off the Inter American Highway for a romantic dinner with a panoramic view and live music at our special castle. Just call, even the same day, with your reservation. Special events, activities for kids, live music accompany your meal of pizza, Costa Rican, Chinese and American food.
La Corona de Los Santos
Tel: +(506) 2544-2381
Cell: +(506) 8705-3523

2KM Sur-Este de la iglesia,
Calle La Roca
Santa Cruz de Leon Cortes, San Jose
GPS:  9.718347,-84.024913
Maps & Directions

Printable La Corona Factsheet
Have all our facts and "how to get here" on one page. Follow this link to print out your copy.  Click here.

Events, Announcements and Special Offers!

Now for two nights or more reservations through Expedia, Flipkey or Airbnb receive free shuttle service to and from Manuel Antonio Beach or Cartago areas.
FREE pick-up and drop-off from Cartago on Fridays and Saturdays!

Make your reservation through one of our
affiliates of Expedia.com, Flipkey/TripAdvisor, or Airbnb for two or more more nights and receive free pick-up or drop-off between the castle and Cartago. Applicable for up to 4 people at a time. Or free pick-up/drop-off depending on availability to our closest bus stops in Frailes, the InterAmerica Highway or Santa Cruz. We also offer pick-ups and drop-offs for a fee to many places like Dominical Beach and the SJO airport. 

Authentic Costa Rican recipes from Castle La Corona de los Santos Cookbook, a Costa Rican cookbook, now available on amazon.com Learn how to make gallo pinto recipe, picadillo recipe, agua dulce recipe, and arroz con leche.  Central American cooking has never tasted sooo good. Own one of our popular cookbooks!
Now available on Amazon.com. Filled with Costa Rican recipes like gallo pinto,
arroz con leche, picadillos and beautiful photos of the castle. Click here to order today!

Vegetarian, low glycemic, vegan recipes and advice from Costa Rica and Castle La Corona de los Santos.  Eat healthy the Costa Rican way! Or Eat Healthy the Costa Rica Way!
Now available on Amazon.com.

Take the authentic Costa Rica coffee tour with our book from Zona de los Santos which includes areas of Santa Maria de Dota and San Marcos Tarrazu NEW!!
Tour the Coffee Fields of Costa Rica with our Coffee Book

Now available through Amazon.com.
Original authentic photos and a brief story of how the world's favorite beverage came about, took foothold in Costa Rica, and is processed right here in our lovely valley. 

I Am Roy and I am From Costa Rica Childrens Book FUN FOR KIDS IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH!!
My Name is Roy and I'm From Costa Rica!

Now available through Amazon.com.
Written and illustrated by James Nathaniel Holland, it takes kids on a fun introductory tour to the Central American country of Costa Rica. Text is written in traditional, local rhymes called Bombas.  Or begin basic Spanish with the Spanish version at: Me Llamo Roy y Soy de Costa Rica

Weekly and Ongoing Events

Los Santos Costa Rica classical music concert every Sunday at 7pm. Bach, Mozart, jazz, Beethoven, Chopin. Classical music piano concerts every Sunday at 7pm with occasional guest artists.
Come join us or if you would like to perform contact us for information on how to participate. Free Admission with advance reservation.    Space limited.  

Sunday morning Los Santos meditation, yoga and breakfast at La Corona de los Santos Every Sunday morning group meditation, yoga and breakfast.  
Free Admission with advance reservation.  Breakfast $10USD.  Space limited.  

Tarot Costa Rica Cartas Magia Tarot and Psychic Readings  Call for your consultation today.  

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